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Class Schedule
25 November 2013


September 12
Lecture — “What’s in a Form?”
Exercise — 9 squares

September 19
Assignment 1: Research
Exercise — Making Air Visible
“Myself, I Think We Should Keep Collecting Titles” opens at Lucas Gallery, 185 Nassau Street, 6pm
Reading — “Form + Content,” Design, Form and Chaos, Paul Rand

September 26
Assignment 1 continues
Class meets in Lucas Gallery
David Dobkin class visit
Reading — Entropy and Art, Rudolph Arnheim

October 3
Assignment 2 continues
Project review, in-class critique
Film — “Design Q and A,” "Powers of Ten: About the Relative Size of Things in the Universe,” “A Communications Primer,” The Office of Charles and Ray Eames
Reading — “A Happy Octopus,” Philip and Phylis Morrison, The Work of Charles and Ray Eames

October 10
Assignment 2: Organization
Project introduction and individual meetings
Research presentations
Reading — “The Poetics of the Open Work,” The Open Work, Umberto Eco

October 17
Assignment 2 continues
All texts due from exhibition writers
Project review, in-class critique
Reading — The New Landscape in Art and Science, Gyorgy Kepes

October 24
Assignment 3: Production
David Dobkin visit
Catalog schematic design presentations
Lecture — “Bruno Munari, c. 1962”
Reading — Drawing a Tree, Bruno Munari

October 31
Fall break, no class

November 7
Assignment 3 continues
** Field Trip to New York **
Exhibition — Richard Hollis
Video  — "Ways of Seeing”
Reading —  Ways of Seeing, John Berger

November 14
Assignment 3 continues
Individual reviews and discussion
Reading — A Primer of Visual Literacy, Donis A. Dondis

November 21
Assignment 3 continues
Developed proposals reviewed
Joe Scanlan and David Dobkin to class

November 29
Thanksgiving, no class.

December 5
Assignment 3 continues
Individual meetings and class discussion
Reading — “Messaging the Message,” Ellen Lupton, Abbott Miller, Design Writing Research, “Design and Crime,” Design and Crime, Hal Foster

December 12
Assignment 3 continues
David Dobkin to class
Final review of catalog proposal

January 6 All final work due, catalog goes out to print


Delaunay triangulation

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